Snacks at school

Food Services of Rauma sells healthy snacks at schools on given break for a low price. Snack is an important part of healthy diet. It stabilizes bloods sugar levels and keeps up activity. Snacks are available at the moment only in schools of Pohjoiskehä, Raumanmeri, Unaja, Kaaro, Kodisjoki ja Vasarainen

Price of Snack Pass is 14 € (20 x 0,70e) alv 0%

After the payment transaction, print the receipt or send it electronically to the student's mobile device. The student comes to their school's snack point with a payment receipt and receives a receipt corresponding to a snack pass on which the student's name and date of purchase are written.

The snack pass is a proof of payment for the purchase of a snack and a tick is placed on the grid according to the price of the purchased snack. The period of validity is not limited. Snack passes are not refundable.




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