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Maukka, väykkä ja bear murders –children's musical

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Maukka, Väykkä ja karhu Murhinen –lastenmusikaali

Aika: 3.3.2020 klo 17.30-18.25 

Paikka: Rauma-sali, Satamakatu 26

Timo Parvela's beloved children's book comes to life as a children's musical written by Anna Nora. The performance is a small story about a big topic: the passing of life, the uniqueness of everyone, and the importance of sharing life. Karhu Murhinen is a stunning story of a small creature's courage to live an unlikely life. 

Performers in the musical are baritone Jouni Bäckström, sopranos Annami Hylkilä and Jenni Lättilä and a children's choir. The performance is part of the Satakunta Music Festival's "Children's Opera in Every Municipality of Satakunta" project sponsored by the Arts Promotion Centre Finland.

Age recommendation: 4-12 years

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